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Cleaning can be a hassle and we are sure you'll have many options to look into hiring a professional and reliable, top-quality cleaning service.

About Us

Experience of over 10 years worth of cleaning

Cleaning Company Service is a fully integrated janitorial company offering reliable, high-quality cleaning solutions to industrial, corporate, and residential clients.

Our meticulous management and professional attitude are core components of The Cleaning Company's service business philosophy and key to consistently providing high-quality cleaning services. We pride ourselves on keeping our management accountable to our clients by having direct communication with our Director of Operations.

Our Mission

We aim to become a national marketplace leader for the supply of services for cleaning, providing affordable, high-quality, cost-effective cleaning solutions for our clients. Contact Us

Our Vision

There are more than 215 franchises all across Australia. They all adhere to the same values and philosophies. Our Mission

Our Values

Our aim is to please you (of course after we've cleaned work). Office Phone is available round all hours (24/7).


We provide our clients with the same care like we are serving ourselves. We appreciate their feedback and make use of the feedback to improve our service.

Eco-Friendly Oriented

We select only the finest and safest cleaning products that produce incredible results.

Expansion / Growth

We are known within our community, we forge long-term relationships, and our expansion continues at an impressive rate; thus, we're always recruiting more employees.

History of the Cleaning Company

Cleaning and housekeeping services for years

The Cleaning Company is widely recognised as a leader in providing service to our clients while remaining respectful of the natural environment. Our history is one of excellence and devotion to our customers, offering top-quality and efficient house cleaning services throughout Melbourne.

Franchising began in 1996 and has grown to include more than 215 locations across North America.

The Cleaning Company is widely recognized for our commitment to serving our customers while staying friendly to the environment. We have a history of excellence and dedication to our clients, providing professional and quality house cleaning services across America.

This quality commitment and reputation for excellent service attracted outside investors. In 2014, the company announced a majority acquisition by PNC Riverarch Capital. This exciting change didn’t mean a complete overhaul:

The management team did not change and Steve continued on in his leadership position with the Board of Directors. We are excited to announce a new era of growth for both new and existing units under the guidance of PNC.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At Aoneclean Company, our professionals are committed to offering our customers quality housekeeping services across the nation.

If you aren't completely satisfied with how we cleaned your area, simply call within 24 hours and we will return at no cost to correct it. Hiring our company is virtually risk-free as each of our cleaners have undergone our stringent recruitment procedure and participate in Maid University training courses.

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